A look back at 2018 – April, May, June

As we look back at 2018 it was a year with great highs but also some tough times. One of the hottest summers on records but also the Beast from the East and a number of snow days.
EP looks back at the year.

April to June 2018

April 2018

EP created a number of videos during the year and between April and June it was no exception.

Food Sits At The Heart

Articles included:

Increasing productivity through strong support services

There is a genuine issue today in productivity, in leadership, with talent acquisition and development – they are all closely interlinked. There is a strong argument that, as we stand, we are harming both company performance and individual well-being, and more – business has accidentally undermined the traditional social structures that are important to productivity as they are the foundation stones for people’s security.

One of the Tweets of the year

'Stolen office lunch' drama had Twitter gripped. Here are just some of the tweets about a co-worker discovering who had stolen their lunch:

Renowned hotelier Ken McCulloch wins Very Special Achievement

The Amadeus Innovation Hub

EP launched the first Amadeus Innovation Hub with the leading caterer. The full day included pitches from a range of different entrepreneurs and SMEs. The Amadeus Board were introduced to new ideas, sampled various products and learnt from businesses which provide unique solutions in the Hospitality sector.

How do you equip everybody to take ownership of going the extra mile for customers?

Organisations are hitting the headlines for wayward ethics, poor productivity, and commercial underperformance. Chris Humphrey and Malcolm Ross argue that too many leaders have lost sight of their customers, resulting in an insidious weakening of trust in business and leadership.

Do event caterers love Vegans?

Jay Burgesson, Commercial Director at Food Show argues that whilst ever-changing diet trends impacts event caterers, with the right approach they can be embraced to improve the offer.

Introducing Mark Davies – at the head of ISS UK Food Services.

The leader at the front of the ISS strategic vision to become one of the true premier leading players in the Food Services Sector. What does he have planned and where do his passions lie? Mark Davies may be a fresh face to business and industry catering but, if his track record is anything to go by, he’s proven he’s well up to the challenge ahead of him.

Spoof of the year?

Outtake video of the royal wedding

Introducing apetito

apetito have developed a new product offer range for foodservice and retail markets as the UK faces the challenge of Brexit. EP is delighted to introduce a video that outlines this new service level – a viable and attractive option for companies to consider. For all companies Brexit is going to pose some real challenges for staffing and food costs – it is time to start putting plans in place for the new market that will exist after Brexit.

Watch below:

GDPR Twitter Thread

“Actually now starting to think you could put enough GDPR subject lines together to make a whole Adele song.”
“A month from now, they’ll all email again, just saying “Bitch.”
“I just got this from the bloody takeaway. Brutal. Didn’t like the chili beef anyway: ‘We are deleting you from our database’
“I got “you will be removed tomorrow”. A bit harsh”
“I’ve had a very brutal “Anna, we’ve deleted you“, which is a bit the equivalent of breaking up by text when we’ve never been in a relationship.”
“It’s getting quite haughty in my inbox… ‘Don’t blame us if you don’t hear about the latest ticket offers‘ etc.”

‘So long, farewell?’ from the Austrian Tourist Board…”
Next Monday’s GDPR subject line = “Fuck it, we’re emailing you anyway

Trust, Productivity, Sport and Culture

Our aim is to ensure that teams within businesses are engaged and striving for excellence

How City Pantry are transforming workplace food.

The London food-tech start-up is experiencing triple-digit growth and helping hundreds of companies get their teams around the table every week with delicious meals from the capital’s thriving food scene. With ever-changing consumer demands and a belief that the catering industry is about to go through radical change, how are City Pantry disrupting for the better?

The Great Service Debate

Is it too much to hope that the UK hospitality industry could reach consensus on a definition of great service, and better still, consistently implement this to become the indisputable global leader?

EP and Giles Gordon-Smith, Founder of Penshee collaborated to bring together players from across the hospitality sector for a unique event series; The Great Service Debate.

Over a roundtable breakfast discussion, the room discussed and debated two core questions: ‘What is great service?’ and ‘How do we achieve this across our industry?’ Five further events will be held throughout 2018 with a full report of the findings published in quarter four.

Absolute Taste: The New Disruptors

EP is delighted to present this new video which showcases Absolute Taste and the difference they are bringing to the market.

With a hub now located in Oxfordshire, Absolute Taste are bringing all the skill expertise and background of operating in the London market for 25 years without the unnecessary cost expenses that goes with a location in London. Combining flair, creativity and efficiency, Absolute Taste are disrupting for the better.

Watch below:

Daily life is becoming more inspirational

Over recent years we have observed an increasingly love affair with food, especially towards fresh produce and nutrition, but there has also been a renaissance with art. Art supports emotional intelligence and arguably can also be physical and audible. There is great strength in painting, drawing, sculptor and photography and all can be showcased in hospitality. Combined, art and food, has become a powerful relationship.

By mid-June the World Cup was in full swing

Scroll some of our favorite tweets:

'The Way of the Gods'

EP and friends are nearing the end of their walk through beautiful Italian surroundings where they have been raising money for two very special charities:

  • The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adopt a School Foundation
  • Olympic Gold Medalist Crista Cullen’s Tofauti Elephant Charity

As they made their way across the country, the walkers have experienced new challenges but also built relationships. This year EP is walking in Italy, France, Austria and Kenya on separate trips. The aim is to raise money for the charities but also to take people outside their comfort zones and empower them to learn lots and take the experiences back into business.

Learning from innovation failure in tourism

Dr. Isabel Rodriguez from The University of Surrey has created the following videos as part of their project: The innovation journey of tourism entrepreneurs: evidence from the UK and Spain and policy implications (INNOVATE). Conducting numerous interviews with innovative entrepreneurs.

10 Year Graysons’ Anniversary Party

In mid June Graysons held their Anniversary Party at Christchurch Spitafields where they celebrated ten years. A special landmark for any business, the caterer entertained guests with live entertainment, delicious dinner and speeches from the team.

Bringing Sport and Business Together

Trust and culture has been becoming an increasing problem and sport can offer some valuable lessons from which to learn from but there appears to be a bigger and closer remit to be engaged upon.

More and more companies argue that trust is a key issue across all levels as business models become stretched and more is being asked. Leadership and management teams are struggling, and some actions do need to be embraced.

Our view is that culture is crucial to success and a strong culture allows for teams to grow and supports the natural development of leaders within business. Culture is almost more important than training as trust equals greater pride and belief in the business and this equals higher retention, productivity and greater customer service.

This should all create greater revenue lines and new leaders emerging that in turn take the pressure off leaders and builds sustainable long-term business.

Therefore, the key focus must be on building trust and culture within teams and this is where sport excels. Our focus has been to create a framework which ensures that companies have a support process or structure that focuses on achieving these goals: