A journey to inspire you to think differently about the world

A journey to inspire you to think differently about the world

The Galapagos Islands are well known as a destination for wildlife-watching and inspiring Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection. The archipelago is full of lava formations, beautiful bays, cactus forests and tropical beaches and lies around 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. Metropolitan Touring, who have been arranging tours to the islands since the 1960’s, are now introducing a new vessel – Santa Cruz II – so more people can enjoy the stunning ‘Enchanted Isles’.

The expedition pioneers want to use The Santa Cruz II to preserve, maintain and showcase the ecosystem of the islands.

The Santa Cruz II – Click the image to view video


The maiden voyage is scheduled for October and the new boat includes 50 contemporary cabins for sustainably conscious travellers. Creative Ecuadorian and international cuisine is overseen by gastronomic director Byron Rivera and includes freshly caught fish and local produce.

The preservation of the island’s delicate ecosystems is essential and when discovering the islands, visitors will see everything from penguins and giant tortoises to sea lions and iguanas.

Sustainability is key for Metropolitan Touring and their hotels include the glass-fronted eco lodge in the heart of the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest and a eco hotel in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.

Sustainable tourism is vital to Galapagos, it is one of the main economic activities and spreads the word about the wonders of the islands and the need to conserve them. The islands were special for Charles Darwin in 1835 and are still special today.


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