A fond farewell; a warm welcome

It was once said that the only things in life that are constant are “Death, taxes and change” and so it is with EP who are sad to announce that Heather Gibson will be returning to her native Australia In August. Heather has been a superb asset and editor for the magazine over the last eight years.

At the same time, we are delighted to announce a new look editorial team that we believe will take the magazine forward to another level.

“It will be very strange leaving EP after eight and half years”, commented Heather, “I joke that it will be like returning to a normal life as the journey we have had with EP has been the most tremendous challenge. There have been many, many highs and there is a real buzz around our work today that will be a wrench to depart but it is time, with a young family, to return to Brisbane.

“Chris has challenged me to write a top ten list of my favourite interviews and events but it is almost impossible as there have been so many and the industry is full of such great people.
“I am proud of how we have tried to always constructively debate the tough issues and how we have sought to promote the right agenda – whether this is about helping entrepreneurs in the tough days of recessions, or our most recent agenda with Emerging Leaders and Generation X directors. We have lived by a mantra of trying to do what is right as our base point.

“I know the plans for the future and they are exciting and I believe that the new team will help take the whole business forward.”

The new approach will include developing a new editorial panel with three very different characters, along with a social media expert, working closely with the existing EP team. This team will include:


  • Miriam Staley (pictured above left)
  • Jaz Notay (pictured first left)
  • Sara Stewart (pictured second right)
  • Ben Gateley (pictured above right)

This team will lead and champion key campaigns that EP are involved with, including:

  • Supporting entrepreneurs and innovation
  • The voice of new leaders
  • Broadening our horizons beyond hospitality
  • Breaking down of traditional barriers
  • Leadership development
  • Healthy eating
  • In addition, Born Social and Ben Gateley will drive EP’s social media presence

“We are so often asked whether it is difficult to find new material to write about”, commented Chris Sheppardson, Founder and CEO, “but there are always new stories and ideas coming through almost daily. And this is a period of change – both in a business and social sense – so this allows us to strive to illustrate and support his change. It has been superb working with Heather but the new team are already challenging us with new ideas. We have high calibre expertise working alongside EP and in the team itself which includes:

  • Arlene Tobin
  • Ian Daly
  • Nicole Thompson
  • Stuart Everson
  • Philippa Cresswell
  • A strategic alliance with Catering in Scotland magazine

“There is a real buzz around the various initiatives and agendas that we are working upon and there is a real mix of proven and exciting talent in the team which gives us the bedrock to build from. We believe in and enjoy our work which is not too surprising as it is a fabulous industry.”

For further information please contact Chris Sheppardson on 020 7534 0390 or email:chris.sheppardson@epmagazine.co.uk

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