A film is impacting more on thinking about food than many realise – Game Changers is creating a new understanding

Chris Sheppardson

Just as the old saying notes “It started as a whisper and grew in volume till one could no longer ignore it” – so it has been with the Netflix film Game Changers: a thought provoking new film about meat, protein and strength involving James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and Chris Paul.

Over the last week, I have encountered man after man that has literally changed their habits as a result. It was maybe best summed up by a City Investor I was on the morning train who noted that he had.

“Subtly changed my daily habits. I am eating vegan porridge in the morning – not great but not bad – a vegan lunch at work but still meat on weekends. To my surprise, I reckon I am concentrating an extra hour or so a day in just a week of changing my habits. I also reckon I have more energy which is good for my wife and kids.”

This is from a former Ski Jumper and athlete. He is not alone. I reckon I have heard the same story 10x in just the last week.

Can diet change the dynamic in the productivity argument?

We hosted a discussion of food trends and wellness in hotels on Thursday and maybe one of the most telling comments was made a senior hotel GM who noted:

“It is like smoking. People knew in the 70s, smoking was bad for one’s health and it took 40 years to create major change. The same is happening with diets and meat. It will be quicker but the same process is going to happen”. So what do you believe?

If you have not made your mind up, maybe start with watching – https://gamechangersmovie.com/ – I have resisted as I was being stubborn but the volume has been growing so it is only right that I do watch and reflect.