A culinary insight into the history, and culture of the great city Calcutta

9th October, Army & Navy Club

After the many difficult months which many have endured, food and hospitality is proving to be one of the real social glues which does bring people together to once again interact and share thoughts. In recent weeks, we have been proud to host two dinners at The Army & Navy Club exploring food cultures from around the world.

Chef Amal Sasikumar

On Saturday evening, a talented team from UKCC came together to create a dinner which celebrated the foods from both the street life of Calcutta to the great Palaces. Guests were told the stories that lay behind the food styles and how an important role played in the history of the City.

Amal led the experienced team on the evening. He is an experienced award-winning chef with international experience and an exceptional eye for food development and presentation. Amal Sasikumar is also the founder of Gourmet Gurus, a hotel and restaurant consultancy in London. He consults with clients from around the world with innovative concepts. Amal takes pride in sharing his skills, knowledge and experience with young up and coming chefs that will not only enhance their career prospects but also benefit the industry as a whole.

Supported by John Harris, Founder of Let’s Confab and Lauran Bush, EP who hosted the event and led guests through a number of the tales from the history of the city.

The Power of Food does bring people together, breaks down barriers and allows for a greater understanding of different cultures. Food is playing such a powerful and important role today as we build new relationships for the future. Our belief is that great dinner which ask us to learn also allow for knowledge to be given and shared which in turn improves our knowledge base.