A £10 million saving

Waste Not, Want Not

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If 1000 outlets could reduce their food waste by 20% the saving would equal £10 million.

Can this be achieved?

Looking at the numbers surrounding food waste is a sobering exercise

  • The cost of food waste to the UK Hospitality sector will be £3bn by 2016
  • 920,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by the industry each year
  • On average 18% of the food purchased is wasted at an average cost of £10,000 per outlet
  • Of this ¾ is food that could’ve been eaten, the equivalent of 1.3bn meals or 1 in 6 meals served.
  • The true cost of food waste is £2,800/ tonne.

We all take part in these figures. There are simple ways of starting to change.

  1. Getting an audit done to get a rough estimate of the waste
  2. Identifying areas where simple changes can be made to the business
  3. Educating staff on the true cost of waste

In conjunction with Go Green Tomato, EP will be hosting an event launching the Waste Not, Want Not campaign in late February for industry leaders to form a working party.

We all know there is a problem, be part of the solution. Contact Arlene McCaffrey

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