71% of companies feel their own thinking is too narrow

So why not recruit in fresh perspectives and talents to broaden that thinking?

It is, of course, understandable that a company will want to recruit an expert from their own sector and discipline. This has long been the case and argument. However, there is also a strong argument for bringing in fresh perspectives that can be married with the existing expertise that exists within a company.

There are many exceptional talents all-around seeking to break away from their own existing marketplace and to find fresh challenges in new sectors. There are genuine barriers to this taking place, although in truth it can be of real value to bring into a business a voice and intellect that will challenge the accepted norm. In a recent survey, it was noted that 71% of companies believed that the thinking within their own business was often too narrow.

This will not change unless those same companies are prepared to think more widely themselves. Why should their own teams think more broadly if the leadership teams still think the same way themselves?

We argue that sharing knowledge has never been more important

It is argued today that with the advances in AI that everyone will need to reinvent themselves as they progress through their careers. Today it is estimated to be 3x. By 2040, it will be 5x. Everyone will need to be able to adapt and change as a consistent theme. Yes, this may be unsettling but it is also a modern reality.  Change is the one constant that we all know will be happening. The change experienced in the last sixty years – since 1960 – has been immense and it is expected to double in speed with all the advancements in AI. The world will be very different in 2040.

However, arguably many business models have changed very little in the last twenty years and these are now under pressure to change. There are many CEOs that argue that their industries and sectors will not change like others. There are many examples of fallen CEOs who have believed such words. All markets, all models are open to change.

We argue that sharing knowledge has never been more important. Strategic alliances to share ideas and work have never been more important. No one and no business is an island anymore.

So why is it that companies are not so open-minded to new talents, new voices and new ideas? It will happen and it is needed.

Just look at how the business has changed in the last 3 -4 years. Brexit is naturally creating a change in strategies. Sustainability has become a central theme. How business works with communities and social initiatives has also grown at speed. Expectations are constantly evolving and the customer is also changing at speed.

It might just be worth charging recruitment teams to think differently? It may well help companies handle the change that is happening all around. It is of course challenging but the good news is that there is no shortage of great talents ready to serve.