4th March Webinar Report – How will design evolve in hotels?

As hotels reset, we will see design led by a mix of technology and personalisation.

In the most fascinating of discussions, it became very clear that hotels have been rethinking and redesigning how they think about their engagement with customers. It was a thought-provoking webinar with four leading figures from the International hotel sector including Robin Sheppard (President, Bespoke Hotels), Ezio Indiani (President, EHMA), Carrie Wicks (Founder, CAW Ventures) and Sabine Kern (Director, Broadwick Soho)

Key thoughts:

• Hotels are once again thinking about how they work with and represent their communities, its traditions and heritage
• Safety will naturally be vital but so will the importance of service
• Technology is central to design but needs to be carefully combined with personal service to ensure a balance
• Customers do want new experiences and theatre
• Personalisation will become ever more important
• New alliances and collaborations will emerge.

It could be an exciting period for the hotel industry and for designers in how they bring all the above together to create engaging experiences for customers.

Interesting insights shared, well worth a listen.