400km Charity Walks – Let’s Do It Together

Why are the walks so important?

Join us this year as we walk 400km across four countries to support charities and emerging talent. But do not worry this is not in one go but over four separate walks. This year EP has created four walks in partnership with leading businesses that challenge people and enable growth and create memories.

There is no doubt that thinking in the workplace has become narrow, so our aim is to change this negatively which impacts business and its people.


We believe in broadening thinking and immersing people in experiences outside the normal day-to-day. In turn this creates better professionals, improved teams and productive and supportive cultures.

These opportunities are open to all.

Do you want to go join us?

Raising money for important charities:

1. The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adopt a School Foundation
2. Olympia Gold Medalist Crista Cullen’s Tofauti Elephant Charity

Join us for all the reasons below and more:

  • Healthy activity
  • Wonderful landscapes in different countries
  • Be immersed in other cultures
  • Raise money for important charities
  • Interact, learn and engage with fellow walkers
  • Do something different; beyond work, beyond home
  • Increases productivity on your return
  • Much more

Contact Lauran.Bush@epmagazine.co.uk top find out more.

The program this year:

  1. The Way of the Gods Walk – Bologna to Florence. June 2018.
  2. The Grand Cru Walk – Dijon to Macon. Sept 2018.
  3. The Salzburg Lakes and Mountains – The Salzburg Salzkammergut Lake District, Austria. October 2018.
  4. Kenya – Date to be confirmed, towards the end of the year.

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