400km Charity Walks – Let’s Do It Together

We are walking for culture, trust and charity

This year Chris, Lauran, Ben and Kate will be walking 400km across four beautiful countries to support charities, culture and emerging talent.


We are thrilled to be tackling the beautiful countryside and walking across Italy, France, Austria and Kenya all in support of 2 important charities – The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adopt a School Foundation and Olympic Gold Medalist Crista Cullen’s Tofauti Elephant Charity. We talk the talk and so will be walking the walk.


Please support us in raising money for these important charities:

1. The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adopt a School Foundation

2. Olympic Gold Medalist Crista Cullen’s Tofauti Elephant Charity

Crista Cullen MBE is a Olympic Gold Medal winning English field hockey player. Her life and work today has turned towards elephant conservation. Watch her video by clicking the image below.

Your support is greatly appreciated. For more information please contact Lauran.Bush@epmagazine.co.uk

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