22nd May – The Great Post Lockdown Walk in aid of The Leader’s Journey – Wherever you are, you can be involved

In recent weeks, we have written about the walk taking place upon the Northumberland Coast between Alnwick castle and Bamburgh Castle but many have also, given the restrictions, offered to be of support by walking the 26 miles locally in aid of The Leader’s Journey.

Given this, on the 22nd May, we are aiming to host a whole number of walks all across the UK, from Scotland down to the South Coast, where walkers choose their route, measure it and enjoy a great spring day as we aim to raise money to really support the development of young talent and professionals as they start out on their careers.

There is a real need to once again promote the concept and ideals of leadership amongst the young and also help develop their life skills. It is well-documented that each generation is becoming ever more educated and qualified but many of the traditional skills have been in decline. The aim of The Leader’s Journey is to create a framework that once again helps promote the importance of leadership and the impact it has on peoples’ lives.

Our goal is to bring together great leaders from across all the spectrums of life to mentor, coach and inspire young talent – top lawyers, great hoteliers, talented chefs, leading CEOs and MDs, skilled artisans, writers, painters, and sports players.

Leadership comes in many forms and we want to see young generations aspire to make a difference too in the future so they can define their own purpose and their own visions.

So please come and join the Great post-lockdown walk. It is fun and important.

If you are interested in joining the walk, being involved or supporting please click here lauran.bush@epmagazine.co.uk