22 million “Flexitarians” – this is no flash in the pan

Today the UK has an estimated 22 million “flexitarians” and over a quarter (28%) of meat-eating Britons have reduced their consumption in the last six months. This meat-free movement is no flash in the pan but what is underlying it?

Food has the power to create change and this limit and reduction in meat consumption is just another sign that health is the number one motivation for people. The consumer is driving change and the hospitality industry must adapt and be prepared.  

Beyond meat-free Monday and Veganuary, this flexitarian trend is being driven by youth. One in five (19%) of Brits under the age of 25 say they do not eat red meat or poultry. While animal welfare (54%) is the number one reason why non-meat eaters say they avoid meat, for those under 25 environmental benefits is the leading factor. This is why Marston’s are the first UK pub chain to sell a ‘bleeding’ vegan burger which sizzles, smells, tastes and bleeds like meat but is completely plant-based.

Today, as many as half (49%) of Brits who are interested in or who are already limiting or reducing meat consumption agree that eating too much meat is bad for their health.

Maintaining a green planet and sustainability drives are clearly also an important factor and again another visible need for hospitality to acclimatise to the changing desires of the consumer. Lifestyle, increase innovation and a growing mainstream availability of alternatives have meant that businesses are looking at how their food can have significant financial impact by focusing on nutrition and sustainability. It can be difficulty to do in isolation and with genuine concerns it is time act.

EP launches #FuellingProductivity this month which is focused on making the argument for increased investment in people, food, sustainability and design. “Health is the new wealth” is no longer just a phrase and businesses are coming together to create positive change. This is about creating a voice for the sector which tells the story and creates action.

The campaign entitled “Food at the Heart of Culture” is focused on presenting this story to the C-Suite and Boards of businesses to showcase just what food can to influence productivity, mental health, internal communications and wellbeing.

To become involved and find out more please contact Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk

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