2021 could see many talented chefs opening their own businesses, as well as growth in localism, and sustainability

2020 may have been a year with a difference but already many are arguing that we will see good things emerge from this time. The Industry has come together, it has embraced technology and new learnings and people are once again valued in a way that maybe they haven’t been for a number of years. Everyone will have learnt hard lessons from this period and many will have changed.

Many are also forecasting that 2021 will see the UK a rise in the number of talented chefs open pop-ups, gastro pubs and restaurants all across the country. It will be their way of fighting back, of finding their own solutions to the work and economic challenges and the result will see great localism, greater promotion of British cuisine and the UK develop a new age in regional food styles not seen for many years. It is estimated that new Chef Patron operations will rise by over 27%, giving rise to a new generation of talents having a platform. The number of new businesses opening up in 2021 is expected to be triple that of a normal year, opening all kinds of opportunity for suppliers, technology, and innovators.

There is an argument that Brexit may well even give a helping hand as it will force stronger relationships with local British producers, and in sustainability.

The Hospitality Industry has never been so strong in the nation’s consciousness and all this together has laid the ground for maybe something special and grassroots to develop within UK culture which will cement a stronger place in the nation’s hearts.

There is no getting away from the problems of 2020 but just maybe some good will come from it.