20% chat, 30% eating, 50% mobile. Perspective?

The Average Lunchtime – 20% chat, 30% eating, 50% mobile. Maybe perspective has been lost? So come and have dinner…..and let’s talk.

By Chris Sheppardson, Managing Director, EP

I know it sounds obvious but recent research has noted that the average worktime lunch between two people over 30 mins will contain five minutes conversation, 10 mins eating and 15 minutes on a mobile phone.

Three thoughts spring to mind:

  • Firstly, if these stats are true, how sad. There is little better that enjoying someone’s company, chatting over a lunch. It is one of the simple pleasures
  •  Is it really a surprise that mental illness is rising and productivity falling? The brain is just not geared to such intensity – in the US it is estimated that the average teenager spends 7 hours a day on their mobile which is close to 30% of the day including sleeping time
  • Life seems to becoming much more about watching others than living and doing oneself – that too is a concern

One of our core goals is to bring people together, connect, build friendships and find more substance in life than the above may indicate. I appreciate that I may sound like an old man but there is a need to find not just a better balance but also a desire to enjoy the simple things once again – starting with conversation.

So given the above, we will be hosting regular dinners are based on the old concept for the French family table – just great food, good company and no mobile phones. So come and join us when you can and lets bring people together to build friendship.