16th March 2022 4pm – Vested – is it set to play a central role for years to come?

Will Vested be a force of genuine change for outsourcing?

In the UK, the emergence of the Vested business model and relational contracting is beginning to change the way that outsource relationships and partnerships operate. The changes are anything but superficial and are resulting in the development of real working partnerships between organisations which is something many have been calling for over many years.

With close to 20 years of development and work, Vested is a proven model and approach which can support organisations achieve the partnerships they seek.

Vested is a global movement. It has already has been widely used in North America, Scandinavia and Europe. The UK is beginning to embrace the approach too.

Many will note that consultants today are mainstream figures across outsourcing and there needs to be stronger clarity on their approach; that Vested does set out a model which all can trust in. Vested, at heart, is all about partnership and collaboration.
It is fair to note that Vested has its critics. Some argue that consultants should not need to follow such a model; that partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of most consultants’ work anyway. It is asked, “what value does Vested really bring?”

In March, EP is delighted to be hosting an online webinar which will seek to answer all these questions, to challenge and explore the importance of the Vested approach. We will interview the main advocates for the approach including Kate Vitasek from the University of Tennessee plus Nigel Forbes (Litmus Partnership), Julian Fris (Neller Davies) and others from across the world. What has impressed and what has maybe not been as hoped?

We hope you will be able to join us. We will publish full details of the event in January.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more, please do contact lauran.bush@epmagazine.co.uk