12th November – A Time to Reset – What does the future hold?

For many, September did feel that there were genuine green shoots and that the recovery process was beginning. October has, in contrast, been the low point of the last seven months when that September optimism arguably stalled and it has become apparent that many businesses will not be returning to offices until the spring of 2021 and maybe even later.

This will naturally mean that, for many, they will have worked from home for over a year. This has led to two schools of thought:

· Many argue that the workplace will never return to the levels pre-pandemic and that workplaces will become hubs of collaboration and meetings which will activity levels over 2-3 days per week.

· Others argue that offices will recover, over time, as many want the interaction with colleagues and to be at a place of work.

Both arguments have advocates and merit. Regardless, the challenge will lie in re-engaging teams and disciplines again in workplaces. It will be liking starting afresh and will require new thinking and approaches taken to bring teams together again, to work collaboratively; to bring people back into the workplace in a positive fashion. That planning should start now.

The workplace will need to become a place where people want to be, not a place where people need to be. The more quickly that people can come together and want to be together, the sooner many businesses and cities will recover. Leaders and offices will need to rethink how they operate.

Much will change. Will the support services within companies be of more importance and value in bringing people back and together? How will leadership change?

Many argue that this is a time for a reset but what does this reset look like and how will impact on the business? Will the pandemic have changed how businesses behave and act?

The “Time to Reset” webinar looks at both how companies may well change in both how they work with support services, in leadership approaches and in how they engage.

Speakers include:

· Julie Ennis, CEO Corporate Services for Sodexo UK and Ireland

· Abigail Tan, CEO, St. Giles Group UK and Europe

· Mark Davies, MD, ISS Food Services

· Simon Halliday, Chair, EPCR

· Kathryn Pretzel Shiels, consultant

· Ramesh Vala, Global Ambassador, Ince

· Gavin Gooddy, Marketing Director, Restaurant Associates

This is one of the most important discussions. We hope you can join us.
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